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FRIENDS for Life Training Programme 2019-2020

Information on FRIENDS for Life Training Programme 2019-2020

Applications for the FRIENDS 2019-2020 Programme are now closed. 

FRIENDS Venue: Clare Education Centre
FRIENDS Dates:  
Thursday 17 October 2019 and Friday 18 October 2019
FRIENDS Time:   
9.30am to 3pm

About the FRIENDS Programmes

‘Fun FRIENDS ’, ‘FRIENDS for Life’ and ‘My FRIENDS Youth’ are evidence-based anxiety prevention and resilience building programmes developed by Dr Paula Barrett in Australia. The programmes have an international evidence base, and the FRIENDS for Life programme has been cited by the WHO (2004) as a prevention programme for anxiety in children that is effective at all levels of intervention.

The 10 session FRIENDS’ programmes complement the SPHE curriculum. They help students, aged 4-16/17 years, to develop resilience by teaching them effective strategies to cope with the normal everyday challenges they face and by helping them to develop effective coping and problem-solving skills to manage emotional distress, including worry, stress, change and anxiety. Skills learned throughout the programme help students both now and in later life. Professor Paul Cooper and Barbara Jacobs, University of Leicester, authors of the NCSE commissioned research Report No. 7: Evidence of Best Practice Models and Outcomes in the Education of Children with Emotional Disturbance/Behavioural Difficulties: An International Review (2011), recommended the FRIENDS Programmes as a cost effective intervention that could be delivered by teachers in schools.

In order to deliver the programmes, teachers must attend an accredited training. NEPS psychologists deliver this training over two days. Following training, teachers can register as certified facilitators with FRIENDS Resilience based in Brisbane. They may then order materials and access resources for running the programmes in their classrooms.

Under the Action Plan for Education, NEPS are continuing the roll-out of the FRIENDS programme to primary and post primary teachers, specifically targeting schools in the DEIS School Support Programme. Training in the FUN FRIENDS and FRIENDS for Life Programmes will be delivered to Primary School Teachers and Training in the FRIENDS for Life and My FRIENDS Youth Programmes will be delivered to Post Primary School Teachers.

Who should attend?
Class teachers, special education teachers, principals, SPHE teachers and guidance counsellors will all benefit from attending training. Primary and post-primary schools should, as far as possible, facilitate a minimum of two teachers attending a programme.

The Department of Education and Skills will cover the cost of teacher substitution and lunches for the training.  No sub cover for non-DEIS schools.  The DES does not cover the cost of programme materials for teachers or pupils. The current cost per facilitator manual is c. €16.00. The activity book cost ranges from c. €11 to c. €14.00 euros per participant (depending on the programme and exchange rate on date of purchase). Every child must have their own book. Schools will need to have considered the cost of programme implementation prior to application for training places.

FRIENDS Resilience no longer allows manuals or activity books to be supplied as part of training for teachers. Following training schools and/or trained facilitators will need to order facilitator manuals and activity books for each pupil directly


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