Clare Kids Art Competition Results

Clare Kids Art Competition Results
Well done and a huge thank you to Rachel Macmanus for organising this Art Competition.  There were over 200 entries.  Rachel is an artist living and working in Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland. Rachel works through painting, drawing and live art. www.rachelmacmanusart.com
Thank you also to the four brilliant judges Ana Colomer, Eleanor Feely, Paul Corey and Sinéad Cahill, Glór Gallery Director.
And a word from Clare Kids Art, we think all your entries were brilliant, and if we could we would give you all a prize for the hard work and creativity you showed!  Don't forget if you didn't get a prize, you still get to exhibit your artwork in our post covid-19 Clare Kids Art Competition exhibition.
Here are the results of the Clare Kids Art Competition. Results are also posted on the Competition facebook page here.   

Junior/Senior Infants

Judge: Sinéad Cahill, Gallery Director, glór.

Overall Commentary from Sinéad:

I have to say I found it really difficult to shortlist as I thought all the little ones did amazing work with lovely details on their lives at home. I’m happy with the selection though and think the future of visual art in Clare is safe!

They were all gorgeous and I really enjoyed looking at them.  My two younger kids were blown away by them also and particularly by the first choice. It looks like such a mature piece of art.

1st Place: Saoirse Cummins, Junior infants, Kilnamona National school, Ennis.

"I picked this as I think it is an incredibly made piece of art and the fact that it was done by a child in Junior infants is mind-boggling.

I particularly love the layered colours in the sky showing the rosy sunset and fading into dark and the beautiful starry night. The trees and flowers are also beautifully done.

Overall it’s just a brilliantly made landscape has a great sense of perspective, drawing the viewer into it."

2nd Place: Séamie Young, age 6, Senior Infants, St Senan's Primary School, Kilrush
"I picked this as I loved it the minute I saw it. I can relate really well to it as we’re all out on the roads exploring our own locality a lot more than we have done before and Séamie’s experience at home I’m sure is mirrored by most of us at the moment.

In terms of his drawing, I love the sense of fun with the sheep looking down at the cyclists and the sun smiling down on them.

I also love his use of colour blocks – the green hills against the lovely blue sky, the vibrant yellow road markings and the colour details on his cyclists.

I think it’s a beautifully detailed drawing and it looks like Séamie is having a great time with his family!"


3rd Place: Alisha McCarthy, Age 6, Senior infants in Senans NS, Kilrush

"Life at home on lockdown" A5 painting, collage

"I think that Alisha has responded very well to the suggested theme for the competition. Again, I like the different media used and she has used the all important hands and hand hygiene in her work. She has also used her artwork to express some of the good and the not so good feelings we are all having at the moment like feeling scared and missing our friends, but also helping our community and staying safe together. It is a very moving piece of art."


Special Mention: Frida and Alvaro Gomez Alonso , Ennis National School. Junior Infants


"I love these two entries due to all the different textures and media used. Lot's of lovely bright colours used and again, it’s a really detailed piece of art and a lot of work has gone into them - cutting and pasting, colouring and drawing with crayons, marker and pens."


First/Second Class

Judge: Ana Colomer, Artist

Ana's overall Commentary

"Well done to all the participants, you put a lot of work and effort on your drawings and they were all amazing. It was a really hard choice, but I was looking for entries that were unique and show a reflection of your personality at this moment in life."


1st Place: Aidan Mac Oscair Age 8, 2nd class in Barefield National School

Pencil on Board 30x21cm My Life at Home (self portrait)

“I love the composition, he has put a lot of care into drawing the selfie and the lizard adds a very mysterious touch to the whole drawing. I also love the choice of color and the way he has not left any blank spaces.”


2nd Place: Olivia Williams (8) Ennis National School, 2nd Class

Title: ‘Reading in my treehouse’

"My number two would be reading in my tree house. It is colourful and clean, a beautiful composition and great little details. She's put a lot of thought and work into it."


3rd Place:  Daire Cullinan- Knockanean NS 2nd Class : age 8 

“Back Garden Basketball "

"It has beautiful colours and great composition with the vertical basketball pole and the child in the bottom corner. He has paid a lot of attention to fill in the colours in the sky, the grass, the wall, and it is a very clear description of one of his hobbies during this days of lock down."


Special Mention:Micheal O' Leary, 2nd class Kilnamona National School.

Ana said of Micheal's entry: "The detail, the composition, perspective, the way he's drawn the machinery, different textures on the tree, rocks, it's really amazing." Well done Micheal!

No photo description available.


3rd/4th Class

Judge: Paul Corey, fine art photographer

Overall Commentary from Paul:

"Overall the entries to the competition were amazing. So much raw talent spread across County Clare, I was amazed. I really think that Rachel should run this competition on a regular basis. Well done to everyone who entered and always remember that art is a process and competitions are weird."


1st Place: Caragh Farrell. 4th Class Knockanean National School.  

"What struck me first about this artwork was the colours and how they mix.  So much underlying energy, I love.  Great understanding and execution of the theme. Well done. PS, I also really liked your cloud."


2nd Place: Connla O’ Halloran, 4rth Class Knockanean

‘The pros and cons of lockdown’

"Great interpretation of the brief. I love the flames, the textured writing on the dragons and skulls. We are living through a very strange time that is full of contradictions - well done."


3rd Place: Erica Yu Han Ling, Ennis National School 4th class.

"Bob Ross came to mind first when I first saw this piece.  But not only Bob Ross, but a really good Bob Ross.  Great technique and execution, the colours are amazing. Keep up the good work."


5th and 6th Class

Judge: Eleanor Feely. St Josephs Hospital Artist in Residence and Clare Youth Theatre Director

Overall Commentary from Eleanor: 

 "I would like to preface my remarks by saying in any good and worthwhile endeavour there is no competition. I want you all to think of this quote by a poet :

' For us there is only the trying

The rest is not our business. '

 Keep trying. Be kind. Be content. All of you are wonderful."


First place. Dylan Williams, Ennis National School, 5th Class

Title: ‘travelling in my dreams’

"I chose this because in whatever situation we find ourselves in, no one or nothing can take away the power of our imagination. We can overcome anything if we use our imaginations together. The great scientist Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. The places Dylan imagined and drew were instantly recognisable. We must always dream."


Second Place: Mehrun Hossain,  Holy Family Senior School 6th Class

"I chose this for the skill,  colour and composition of the piece and the feeling it evokes. It immediately draws you in and is a stunning collage of bold colour, confidence and style. I loved it."


Third place: Aoibheann O’Sullivan. Broadford and Kilbane National School. 5th class

Her home is the rainbow that is protecting her from the horrible virus.

"I chose this because if we love Nature, Nature will love us and Aoibheann beautifully uses the image of the rainbow as our protecter."


Special mention Ellen Kelly, Doora National School, Class: 6th class

Name of Art: Chelsie. 

I loved this because Ellen has created a complete character, who is very real and easy to imagine. She could be everybody's friend and I would recommend that Ellen write an adventure for Chelsie!



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