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Conflict Training Skills for School Leaders

Conflict Training Skills for School Leaders

Conflict Training Skills for School Leaders

DATE:      Wednesday, 11th November 2020 - 1.30pm to 7pm

                 Thursday, 12th November 2020 - 9.30am to 3pm
VENUE:   Clare Education Centre  

This Workshop is suitable for School Leaders.

Training Content

  • Definition of conflict
  • Diagnosing the source of conflict and identifying what aggravates conflict
  • Creating a paradigm shift in thinking and approach - Perceptions, assumptions and information deficit and distortion
  • The ‘Journey of Inference’
  • Understanding emotional responses - what drives them? What happens in the brain?
  • The role of values and beliefs in the triggering of conflict
  • Managing a conflict situation effectively so that the complainant feels heard and understood and moves from feeling threatened to being able to think cognitively.
  • Interest based negotiation - identifying and diagnosing the core of a conflict
  • Skills for ensuring an appropriate process for managing the conflict
    1. Body Language
    2. Signposting
    3. Listening to hear what is beneath the position that is presented
    4. Using Questions effectively
  • Communicating effectively - getting your own views across clearly so that you are not deflected, but heard and understood.
  • Framework and steps for creating a way through conflict
  • Role play scenario to put the learning into practice.

Training Outcomes

Participant will:

  • Learn how to identify the source and causes of conflict in organizational settings.
  • Know how the distortion, deletion and deficit of absorbed and communicated information can hinder or block conflict solution.
  • Identify and know how an individual’s paradigm can influence their interpretation of events and their management of conflict, and learn means to explore a person’s interpretations through to their beliefs and actions.
  • Know the core concept of mediation and how to use this knowledge to resolve conflict situations.
  • Know people’s social driver needs (the SCARF Model) and how to apply this model to identifying the underlying needs and interests of others, and of themselves.
  • Know the physiological changes that occur that lead to the initiating and escalating of conflict and how to work positively with a person who is in this physiological state. Know how to converse with a person who is emotional and how to listen to them actively until that person has returned to cognitive thinking and is able to have a constructive conversation.
  • Know how to apply their listening and questioning skills
  • Know how to convey their issues, concerns and needs to another person, clearly, effectively and with respect, so that the other party in the dispute will be able to clearly hear what is being said,
  • Have a framework from which to create their way through conflict.


These two days will be highly active and participatory with discussions, skills training and role plays. The trainer will provide coaching and feedback to the participants.

Requirements from Training Participants

  1. To each bring to the session an example of a conflict in which they were personally involved – this needs to be a conflict that is not very deep and traumatic as the trainer will be unable to support the participant adequately should they become deeply upset during the training. The participant needs to have been actively involved in this conflict and not merely a third party to the conflict.
  2. To undertake some pre-training reading and exercises (see attached document in this email)

Portfolio Gerry O’Sullivan, O’Sullivan Solutions

Gerry O'Sullivan has over 30 years of experience in facilitation, training and conflict resolution work in organizational and community settings. Internationally she has delivered training in Palestine, Cuba and the U.K.

Training Qualifications & Experience

Gerry holds a Diploma in Adult & Continuing Education from St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth:

  • Contracted by N.U.I. Maynooth as (i) an assessor of trainers, (ii) to identify the training needs for participants in a project piloted by the university and (iii) to deliver training for a Master’s programme.
  • Designed and delivered ‘Training for Trainers’ programmes in community settings
  • Provided ‘Support and Supervision’ services for trainers for national bodies, such as National Parents’ Council, and for individuals
  • Adapted training programmes for radio presentation

Mediation, Mediation Training & Conflict Resolution

Gerry O’Sullivan is an Advanced member of The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) and delivers MII accredited Certified Professional Mediation Training. She is qualified in a range of mediation sectors: Community, Workplace, Organisational, Civil & Commercial and Separating Couples.

Gerry has authored ‘The Mediator’s Toolkit: Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes’, published by New Society Publishing, Canada, 2018. She has designed and developed a two-day programme on the’ S Questions Model’ developed in this book.

Course Properties

Course date 11-11-2020 1:30 pm
End Date 12-11-2020 3:00 pm
Capacity 12
Available place 12
Fee €165.00
Tutor - Speaker O'Sullivan Solutions
Select Hours 12
Location Clare Ed. Centre

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